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Pubg Mobile Hack

Pubg Mobile -Hack new Antibanned

Download - Click Here!

To start the script:
Make sure you have set the search range to the one shown in the pictures above.
You have to be quick! Use the Bypass Hack on the "Tencent" loading screen. If you're to late, close Pubg mobile and try again. If you succeed you can start hacking. 
~ Body color hacks:
Must be used before logging in!
I suggest using the white body one. 
When its done you can login by "Guest" or "Facebook". 
~ Wallhack:
Must be used in the main menu!
Be aware: The wallhack currently only works on devices with a snapdragon chipset!!! 
~ No grass:
Must be used in a game!
Works perfectly. Highly suggest using it.  
~ Fast run & quick swim:
Must be used in a game!
For fast run just use the "Fast running hacks" 
~ Aimbot:
Must be used in a game!
Works good. It basically moves the crosshair directly onto the enemy.  Though the version you get for donating is better. 
~ Through wall:
Must be used in a game!
It allows you to walk through doors and windows. I don't suggest it as you can get stuck in walls sometimes. 
~ Antena:
Must be used in a game!
Deforms every player character to be a big glitchy bar which goes really high into the air. Pretty good to spot people. It does have some problems right now and might not work for you. 
~ High Jump:
Must be used in a game!
Never actually tried it, because i thinks its easily bannable. I don't suggest using it. 
~ Bullet translucent wall:
Must be used in a game!
Should let you shoot through walls. Don't suggest using it. 
~ Fast running hacks:
Must be used in a game!
I'd suggest using the first one. But its up to you. 
~ Combination of hacks i suggest to use in every game:
- White body hack. 
- Aimbot ( Free or Paid version ) 
- Wallhack ( If it works for you )
- No grass
- Fast running 1

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